First day of spring

And so it begins! The hope, the dreams, the anticipation, the snow…..wait….what? Snow?? Why!?!

Better question is ‘why not’. We live in that part of the country where snow can fall whenever the mood strikes, and in March, Mother Nature is quite, quite moody! I look out my window to some grass, perennials that need trimmed down, shrubbery that will need some care following deer tastings, and, of course, white snow. But I know that this will go and the seeds that are sitting on my table, awaiting a start, will soon be outdoors.

What I really love about spring is the planning. Looking at seed catalogs, checking out the new seed displays that are springing up all over, and re-visiting my stash of gardening books. I wait patiently to pull out the shovels and pots, thinking about the water feature that will be installed as soon as the ground thaws. In my mind, I already see the pebble stream that is meandering down the hill toward a little catch basin, trickling past the grasses and lilies, flowing through an old, cherished pump and setting a sense of calm in the garden.

Yup, it’s spring. Time to plan. Time to hope. Time to wait…..

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