Sunday, March 22, 2015

Is it spring yet? By the calendar it is….and I have to admit, it is beautiful outside! But, my gardening juices continue to flow, albeit early, and I ache to get going.  I promise to wait until April 1!

Every year, I start ‘salad bowl’ for my deck. I love stepping out and cutting fresh, tiny baby lettuce leaves for our meal. Add in a bit of chives, basil, and dill, and voila! The makings of the best in early greens! In past years I have asked my friend, who owns one of the local greenhouses, to start this for me, but this year, I will plant my own. Our deck has great east exposure, and warms beautifully in the morning sun. It stays sunny until mid afternoon, an ideal location for spring starters. Yes, I bring these tender annuals indoors while the temperatures dip below normal. However, once we move along in the season, early crops like lettuces, any cabbage family, peas…these can withstand cool temps. Be forewarned: cool temps does not equate with frost coverage! A blanket of frost will kill even hardy baby plants.

If you dislike the idea of moving pots in and out of the house each day, this may not be your option. Wait until the season has stretched along, into early May, and plant happily in a pot on the deck! Full sun for as much of the day as possible until the heat becomes too great….more on that in another post.

I have several herbs growing perennially in my garden beds; chives, thyme, oregano, mint (with a variety of each!) and look forward to the tender leaves popping out, but until then, I purchase a small pot or 2 of  my favs to plunk into the salad bowl.

Salad bowl. Just the name makes me happy! Give it a try!!


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