The amazing gardens of Claude Monet

Since it continues to snow, I thought I would take you on a gardening journey! After all, this blog is about gardens…..mostly here in Canada, but when you can’t get outside to play in the dirt, why not take a trip with me, and visit some other amazing gardens?

Last summer, my husband & I planned a lengthy journey through several European countries: one being France. We spent a week enjoying a river cruise that began in Paris, and ended in Paris! But, on the days in between, we enjoyed a leisurely sail on the Seine, with many amazing stops. As a gardener, I was busy snapping photos of everything and anything green or floral! Plus, a few stone buildings…..maybe a vineyard or two….some pastries…..oh you get the picture! It was amazing!!

On day 2, we visited the quaint village of Giverny, home of the late Claude Monet. I am a lover of Impressionism, and was so excited about this stop over, but I did not anticipate the amazingness of the gardens! I was equally enamored by the setting of his home, the story of his life, and to stand in the places where he painted family members amongst his gardens. Later in his career, Monet began to lose his sight, seeing more in shadows. Many of his famous paintings of water lilies were painted from the reflections on the waters, with the lilies as centerpiece.

The use of color in the garden is a designers dream. Sections were set off in shades of blue, interesting foliage, or shades of yellows, reds, etc. Filled to overflowing, and yet artfully staged in a way that only nature allows, this garden made my heart sing, and the pictures still evoke that feeling for me…..

This is a small glimpse of the amazing garden….I will follow this post with more pictures of the garden and the village….tomorrow.

Wisteria over the bridge
Wisteria over the bridge
The famous water lilies at Monet's garden!
The famous water lilies at Monet’s garden!


Lovely alliums
Lovely alliums

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