The Walk About

Everyone does it. Well, every gardener does it…..that early spring walk through the gardens, checking on damage, looking for signs of newness, discovering what the receding snow has been hiding for these long months. It is one of my favorite activities. Today was no exception. My husband and I returned from a good long walk around the town, and decided to check out our yard.

It is a balmy +14 C today, and we have waved good bye to some white and welcomed some…..brown. But, I really, really do welcome the brown! Of course, there is still a bit of snow remaining, enough to almost break ones neck on if you are not careful….the under side is a layer of ice just waiting to attack! We survived, though.

We found the little portable green house, ready to put my babies in as they grow. And some lovely round fertilizer, left behind by very sweet four legged apple tree eating creatures. We strolled along, discussing where the stream will be built, and where the plum tree will reside….checking this and that, enjoying the earthy smell from kicking around in the leaves and mulch….aaaahhhhhh!

On the south side of our house, I have 4 raised beds, along with 2 tiered beds. These are built into the hill side: the lower one is home to strawberries, asparagus and rhubarb. The upper one will be home to a few herbs, more strawberries that I must divide this spring, and whatever else happens to find it’s way there….I have yet to decide. We have lived in this location almost 5 years, the first year being the year of the build, so some areas still need some tending…..not that I mind….really, the tending never ends! The plants move, the scenery changes, it happens.

The big thrill, however, was discovering the tiny rhubarb buds poking through the earth! Shock!!! Granted, the garden beds are in the sunniest location, and definitely warms the quickest, but still, I was very surprised to see these sweet little buds emerging. Soon, very soon, we will enjoy the first rhubarb crisp of the season!

Sleepy raised beds
Sleepy raised beds
Here comes the rhubarb!
Here comes the rhubarb!

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