Happy Easter!

Tomorrow is Good Friday…..yay for long weekends, and yay for Easter celebrations! Unfortunately, we will be holding the Easter egg hunt indoors, unless the sun really produces some heat in the next 2 days. We have been enjoying balmy spring weather and the melting of snow, but, true to form, yesterday hit us with a nasty, nasty storm. No surprise, really. I say it over and over, you can’t live in Canada and not experience weather changes within 30 minutes, from warm highs, to bitter cold! Although yesterday was not bitter cold, we did experience a wind warning day, with several accidents caused by high, high winds. And we did get a light dusting of snow again, but…..it’s spring!

Today is much, much more pleasant, so I will tread outdoors to retrieve my planting trays and soil, and set up a small grow spot for some new arrivals. I admittedly do not start a large amount of seedlings indoors, in part because a) I am a perennial girl, and b) it is too much work! I love love love love all the work involved in gardening outdoors, and will work from sun up to sun down in the garden, but, sadly, the same cannot be said for my indoor gardening efforts. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so, and I whole heartedly applaud those who create amazing growing stations with amazing little seedlings coming forward to greet them…..it’s just not my thing.

I spent 3 seasons working for a friend at a local greenhouse, and enjoyed it immensely, because it was not in my house!!  She starts almost all of her bedding plants from seed, and has an amazing way with annuals. Her work starts very early in the year, in the seed house, where she alone begins preparations for planting. By March, she employs a small staff to assist with transplanting and other assorted duties. Opening day is usually Mothers Day weekend, or a few days prior, so a lot of work happens to get the babies settled in and ready. I was quite amazed and in awe with the green house process….my area of expertise is in design, perennial & woody landscaping, and construction. To be a part of each stage in the greenhouse gardening process is truly amazing, and a great learning experience…..and a good way to start the summer tan!

Although I no longer work there, I love to visit and make regular trips. I promise to devote a few days of writing about and photographing some amazing local greenhouses. These days, my life is filled with my other career, which is community development. I love that part of my life too (although I must say that work can get in the way of writing!) and because our work is devoted to building healthy, supportive environments, I often get to cross over into gardening! It’s a good thing for me…..and for the communities that I am privileged to work in.

But, here today, my mind wanders to ……lettuce …..potatoes …..lilies ….daffodils

My Easter cactus!
My Easter cactus!

…..I’m ready!!! If only Mother Nature were!

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