Spring colds

ugggghhhhh!!!!!!! I absolutely hate falling victim to a nasty nasty NASTY head cold. It’s inevitable though. At some point, the little bugs that mysteriously float around us, waiting to attack our weakened immune systems, hiding far away from my micro fibre cleaning cloths…..WHAM! I’m down for the count.

Of course, we know there is never a good time to be sick. I mean, really, when would that be? Maybe when the dreaded staff party is coming up, that we always look for an excuse to get out of….or maybe the relatives that are just a tad annoying that we hope to avoid….or maybe it is that one volunteer job you got wrangled into that you really didn’t want to do, but couldn’t say no……perhaps, just perhaps these are good times to be sick….but I’m not even sure about that….

Whatever the case, I don’t often fall so hard, but it seems that this time was my time. Unfortunately, part of my time was not at my home, thus making sickness that much worse. You know the feeling when all you want is to crawl into your own bed, lay on your own pillow, and keep your partner awake all night by coughing? That’s what I wanted!! But, as fate would have it, my partner was able to sleep peacefully by himself, undisturbed by a hacking wife. I did manage to get my sorry self home yesterday, still feeling not so good. I can definitely say that my own bed never felt so good! And my wonderful husband was attentive to the limit. He fluffed my pillow, brought me mint tea (which, by the way, was harvested from my garden last fall…gotta throw in something gardening here!!!) and checked my status about every 20 minutes. So good to be home, and so good to have an amazing supportive husband…..and, it is a mutual support when he is down.

Today was a better day. Much. I have no voice, so it is probably a really good day for my hubby!! It is good to actually be quiet for a while, and be a bit more reflective. Luckily, Mother Nature is being quite pleasant as well, and has graced us with amazing sunshine and warmth. At this moment, we have very little snow remaining anywhere but the shaded north. Since it was a reflective kind of day, we did another walk about. The rhubarb now has baby leaves gracing their presence, and the daffodils have more little greenery showing through. The weeds are tremendously green, and made me realize I need to employ some natural efforts in that department quickly. Tomorrow I will cover my raised beds with some black plastic for 3 weeks. I added that wonderful compost last fall…..and it is rich with organic material….and of course, a few weed seeds…..I really don’t mind weeds. I hear sooooooo many people complain about weeding….how do I get around weeding? How do I stop the weeds? What can I do for less weed maintenance? My answer? You will NEVER stop the weeds and you will never get away from them, so embrace them, control them where need be, and don’t expect to have a weed free, stark expanse of dirt! It simply will not happen.

But, today was not a weeding kind of day….today was simply today. We all need that once in a while, a simple day. Maybe that is why our bodies force us to slow down on occasion, to realize that today is just for living. Nothing else. I need to remember that.

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