What’s new in the garden?

Yesterday was warm and full of promise, today is chilly and leaving us doubtful. Every spring it’s the same: get all fired up to do some outdoor ‘something’, and then head back indoors to wait for a warmer day. Ah well……we still enjoy the opportunities when it is warm enough to do something out there! Yesterday saw us (finally) putting our Christmas decorations to bed…..yes, you heard right. We have a supply of outdoor lighting, decor, etc that is stored in a neat little shed throughout the year, and not used for anything else. Of course, when we are unbundling the decorations in late fall, the pathway to the shed is clear, or at least has only a small amount of snow. By the time we get around to taking down all the decor, some of which have been frozen into the ground, the path to the shed is no longer clear. It is, in fact, a skating rink covered in snow! Last year I attempted maneuvering the ice belt too soon, and paid a painful price, so, we wait, decorations all stacked neatly by the back of the house, until we can safely make our way to the shed. Waiting sometimes involves hubby grabbing a sledge hammer and taking a few whacks at the ice to break it up, but still…..

Now that that little job is complete, we can move along…..and there will be a lot of other little jobs very, very soon. While we were outside, I scraped away at a bed, and pulled out some grass that has strayed off course. The soil is nice and moist, and the grass pulled out easily. And, we had to toss back some gravel that had been shoveled with the snow, onto the beds…..and hubby did an overhaul of the wood chopping area, picking up small pieces of bark and wood, filling the indoor wood box, and moving some wood into the wood shed….all little jobs, but all waiting for us. It’s still too early to do much on the lawns, and we have time. It is just nice to be outside, puttering. And planning. Always planning…..

Just being outdoors makes me feel refreshed somehow, and I know I am not alone. Winter keeps us indoors so much! I wrote a college paper once on Seasonal Affective Disorder……it is an interesting and very real challenge for many people. I am not sure if I have it or not, but I do know that my mood dips at the end of winter, and I am often quite cranky….verification of this is quite simple….ask Hubby!!

IMG_2887I take time to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible now, and as the weather warms, it is hard to get me indoors! Of course the walk about, to see what is growing…..I’m never disappointed….seeing buds swell on the shrubs and trees, and little shoots starting….such an amazing time! I found a little viola blooming alone, away from any beds, but obviously in a good spot for it!

And, one of my delphiniums has decided to make an entrance….making me a little IMG_2885nervous as it is early! It sits in an eastern exposure bed, tucked into a protected spot by the house, and enjoys lots of warmth, so not surprised. Delphiniums are hardy, and if it suffers a frosty set back, it will grow again.

Of course, no surprise to see the daffodils emerging! I used to grow tulips…..they IMG_2888are like candy to deer!! Even with some deer fencing, I am not chancing it any longer….I love tulips, and grew them prior to living here, but I will enjoy other spring bloomers that are not so enticing! Daffodils, alliums, little prairie crocuses….lots of beauty elsewhere.

Finally, I had to check the raised beds, now covered in black plastic to kill back some weeds…..the strawberry patch is growing, along with the rhubarb….again in IMG_2886a warm, warm location that catches a lot of sun most of the day. Soon I will cover the strawberry’s with a light mesh to keep the birds away….They love to zip in before me to get their share of delicious fruit!

I wonder what else I can find out there………

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