Happy National Volunteer Week!!!

Just need to put a plug in here to all of the volunteers that keep our communities alive and well!! We are on the final day of National Volunteer Week in Canada, this year’s theme being that we are ‘all part of the ripple’. As we toss a stone into the water and watch the waves go ever outward, so is the effect of our volunteer action. You may feel like a drop in the bucket, but the ripple effect is profound.

I am fortunate to be involved in several volunteer activities in this little community, and last evening, we celebrated together in a Volunteer Appreciation Event. Potluck supper, beautiful flowering annuals as gifts, an amazing array of donated silent auction items, entertainment and great ‘shoulder rubbing’. All of this in a little community of less than 500!!!! In my world of wearing many hats, I get to put on the professional Community Facilitator hat from time to time, right here at home, and I am ever so proud of the collaborative efforts, the extra miles and the strong spirits of my neighbors and friends, in making this place a community of belonging.

So, congratulations far and wide to the many, many, many volunteers who put in the time and heart to keep our communities growing!!!

And, I had to participate in the Silent Auction…..so here is my new take home! Made by a local artisan, and available at our resident Antique shop!!! I love it. IMG_2905

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