And that’s the kind of day it’s been around here…..

I’m borrowing from my daughter. She often sends me that line on text, along with some photos of the craziness in her little household…and I find it quite amusing! Not as amusing when it is my crazy little household though…but, what the heck….we know it’s going to happen, we wait for it, we think ‘maybe not this year’, and then BAM! It hits like a ton of bricks….spring snow….the wet, heavy, branch breaking, road closing kind of snow.

It just so happens that we were at said daughters when this hit, but our friends kept us updated via Facebook and text, so we were quite prepared for what would await us when we arrived home. Thankfully, our neighbors were watching our house (heard a story about this on CBC Radio….make sure you do this for insurance FYI…..thought everyone knew that, but apparently not the case!) and they did some tree shakin’ for us…all the fruit trees and ornamentals, and some of the natural/wild tree branches. Thanks to them, we did not lose any trees or branches, others, however,  were not so lucky. Most of the casualties were wild trees, not domestic, but still….the downed branches are sad.

The big shocker for us was arriving home to see our black metal pergola slumped to the ground! I mean, seriously crashed. Down. In a heap. And, in my sadness, I didn’t take a picture! It wasn’t the snow, though, but a horrific wind! Who would have thought? The pergola itself would probably have been fine as it is airy, not solid, but we have a garden bench beneath it, and I am certain the wind caught it, toppling the whole works. I was stunned! and sad. But, as you may have noticed from previous posts, I am married to a pretty good guy, so today, when I arrived home from a day at the office, our pergola is once again standing, albeit with the help of a support brace….hubby and friend somehow hoisted it back upright and installed the brace, then hubby set to work manufacturing some angle brackets to replace the ones bent and ruined. The old ones were very flimsy, not so much any more!!! He really is good at this stuff….and he has a whole garage full of kept items


that he always says ‘someday we are gonna need this’ and he is always right!!!! Very very proud of him…..even though I give him a completely hard time about keeping all of that ‘junk’…..I’m learning to keep my mouth shut, but I am a work in progress….

Today was beautiful, bright, sunny, almost making me forget about the snow IMG_2961 IMG_2965fall…but there is evidence. I did my walk about,and discovered all kinds of great and growing wonders! It is indeed still very early, but the leaf buds are really bursting, as are the perennials. Some of the daffodils are blooming and others are just about there….next week. The little ‘crocuses’ (not their real name but that’s what everyone calls them) are sooooooo sweet, even as they shine through the snow! And, of course, the perennial ‘prairie crocus’ is starting to show it’s colors as IMG_2968well….I’m in love all over the place!

So, as ever, with the bad comes good and vice versa….keep looking for the silver lining….it’s there!IMG_2963

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