A Room with a View…..

Garden Rooms. For some, this is a logical phrase, for others it is a foreign concept. I like to design in rooms…and so, I will elaborate on what my thoughts are about garden rooms.

This whole discussion started as Hubby and I were sitting outside one fine day (not today, because the temperature took a dip…) talking about the upcoming garden installations. A pond, actually. Oh, and a stream…..2 separate projects. We

Current garden, ground level patio from flagstone
Current garden, ground level patio from flagstone

were sitting on a ground level patio that we put in 2 summers ago, and looking around our yard at the current layout. Our house is ‘walk out’ meaning the basement level has a door at ground level and the main level also has a door at ground level: we are on a hill. We love this site, with it’s quirks, and it has allowed us to us some of our landscaping skills that were on hold IMG_2273after we closed our business. We have steps, walkways, trees, berms, etc. We have a large area, and we share a joint lot with our neighbors allowing us to feel like we have our own private park in the middle, which, in fact, we do! The common firepit is there, along with lots of open space for games and lots of shrubs, etc.

As we discussed the pond, I said to Hubby “I feel like we don’t have enough rooms, and need to incorporate something with this pond”. Guess what? Hubby knew exactly what I meant!! To us, a garden room is an area within the garden that has it’s own defined borders, usually and entrance point, with some ‘walls’ to give the feeling of privacy and coziness. These walls do not have to be 8 feet tall, but are a IMG_3571definition of space, and usually involve a variety of plant material, such as shrubbery, perennials, some hardscape (rock, retaining wall, or trellis). The entrance can be formal, or informal, depending on your wants. I like the use of arbors, and I love using Clematis, or climbing Honeysuckle vines….but these are always open to taste. An arbor needs nothing to look good and can be it’s own structure of entrance.


Since we are recent residents on this plot of land, we are ever-changing the way IMG_3582things sit. Plants move, trees move, rocks move, chairs move….everything moves to facilitate a new plan. I have designed this garden with several rooms, and a variety of places to sit and chat. Each has it’s own sun requirements, or sun changes during the day, and we find ourselves moving to each based on the temperature, sunlight, amount of people, etc. We really do live in our garden for the warm seasons so rooms are quite necessary.

IMG_3589Although I don’t have many pictures of our current garden (they will come, I assure you) I am posting a few from our past garden, for the visual….(and 2 of this place!)

I encourage you to think about rooms….not just the covered ones with nice furniture, but the ones that allow a cozy place to sit and relax, converse and enjoy the all too short summer season!!! Happy designing! us night gardenIMG_3572

One thought on “A Room with a View…..

  1. What a fun and interesting post! I love the idea of “garden rooms.” You’ve inspired me to think of rooms now in my garden. Enjoyed all your photos. ❤️


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