Sometimes it’s all about the therapy.

Today will be a shorter post than usual, and I am diverting from our spring here in sometimes cool, sometimes warm central Alberta, to take you on a trip with me to another garden that is very close to my heart. Why, you ask? Well, my husband & I have shared a loss this week, as an important and loved member of our family left this earth. He left us with so many wonderful thoughts and memories, but, of course, it is still difficult. Hence, both of us have spent the better part of the week outdoors, puttering and getting our hands dirty, and utilizing the best garden therapy of all.  I have also scrolled back through some of my garden favs to find some garden travel pics, which is also therapeutic for me…..

Normally at this time of the year, we board a plane to head oversees…for some reason this year we did not. Regardless of that, I am still transported to Europe in my mind, often, each spring. I have been thinking of this particular water garden for some time, and was not actually sure where the digital pictures were. I have the printed ones…..yes, I print all of my vacations….but, as luck would have it, I found them on Hubby’s computer one fine morning, so I will share with you today.

Interestingly, we did not intentionally set out to find this garden, it somehow found us. We had traveled to Germany, then through the Netherlands and into Belgium, in late May. Our friend in Germany had provided information on some open garden tours of private homes and estates, in the Netherlands, so as we ventured off, we planned the first stage of our trip around these (will share another time). We ended up in Bruge, enjoying this amazing Belgian City, then wound our way through some historic areas, ending in a farming picturesque country villa….amazing really!!!!

With no plan for 3 days, we set our GPS to a ‘spot’ on the map, and off we went! DSC_1170That, I tell you, is amazing! Off the beaten path, nowhere we could speak the language, and just seeing some of the most amazing countryside and towns….just wow! And, as we traveled, we saw a sign for this Jardin, of course, we stopped.


DSC_1160It turns out that this garden is/was built in the style of Italian water gardens, and uses no pumps, electricity DSC_1181or anything other than gravity to create it’s water features! That was what impressed me the most. And the fact that it is over 200 years old! We wandered through the very quiet place (it really was off the beaten DSC_1154path) and strolled up hills to find streams flowing out from the earth, and we followed along a very calm, lovely, zen-like walk. It was amazing.

So, I give a few photos for your enjoyment. It brings me peace to revisit and realize that some things are just fine without our modern touches; nature truly is magnificent.


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