Insel Mainau…..not just another garden!

Okay, today I promised myself I would get back to the business of garden blogging IMG_0183rather than travel blogging, but…..just one more and I promise to get back to the

Planting near the entrance: changes yearly
Planting near the entrance: changes yearly

garden. Truthfully, I have seen many posts lately on Facebook about tulips in swaths, and have read some blogs about spring gardens, so, I really couldn’t resist! I am also lamenting the fact that my love of tulips has been sadly stifled by my 4 legged friends who also have a love of tulips…..and the bulbs. We have attempted tulips a few times, having grown some amazing colors and varieties prior, but we learned after the first 3 seasons in this location that the deer are more persistent than the humans (in this case). We have an amazingly successful deer fence up (following a lot of research on the topic: repellants are only slightly successful in deterring my little friends) but alas, I am not yet brave enough to give the tulips a go yet. Maybe in the fall I will change my mind. I think we need at least 2 summers of no chomp before I can feel confident. And, only those who IMG_0179have lost entire crops of fruit and/or veg and/or lilies and/or roses……will fully appreciate my hesitancy. There is a fine line between enjoying these beautiful creatures, and keeping them happily away from my plants….right now we all co-exist and it’s good….and they enjoy some tasty morsels on the other side of the barrier!!!

IMG_0181Back to travel…..located within Lake Constance, also known as the Bodensee, is a beautiful flowering island, accessible by ferry from either Germany or Switzerland. The island has an interesting history, having long been owned (and managed) by Swedish lineage linking back to royalty. We have been to the floweringIMG_0177 island twice, both in May, and it is a relaxing, easy place to see, despite the crowds of people. As it is a strolling island, with a LOT of garden to stroll, it is easy to not notice that you are amongst so many others strolling!

The location within Lake Constance gives IMG_0199a semi-tropical climate, and an amazing array of themes and blooms. Additionally, garden artwork abounds, making this a treat for any eye. Of course, one cannot discount the area surrounding, on the shores of the lake. Both sides have not-so-small, and yet, somehow quaint towns built beside IMG_0191the lake, where you can also enjoy lush plants, little coffee shops, and the ever so amazing European architecture that is old and new, lovely!

Walking into the park requires passing through the entrance, where maps and information is housed. Take a map!! This is at least a half day tour, if you actual want to see things (Palm House, IMG_0204Butterfly House, Orchid house, rose gardens, tulip show, farmyard, Arboretum, Castle….)…..take a light lunch and water bottle as well…..and good walking shoes.  After that, it is impossible not to step past the entrance and find yourself stopping, slowing, and simply taking in the amazing beauty. This tour is so, so good for the cortisol level!!


Please enjoy….





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