The Stately Iris

Yes, here I go again with more about perennials! And the ‘old fashioned’ ones to boot. If you could do a walk about in my garden, you would see that there is a mix of old and new, and really, I love them all…..right now I am featuring some of the bloomers…..and the iris seems to be pulling out all stops now to put on a show!

I have some new shades that have not yet opened, so please bear with me, and them. One of the things about different varieties is the different bloom times! I IMG_3021almost missed the little early blue iris blooming! The photos are a bit ragged, but still shows the cuteness. I really like this little one. It is the first to open up in the spring, and is quick to multiple, so is a great ‘sharer’. When we started landscaping here 4 years ago, we had several perennials in a ‘hold garden’ that  I had started just for the purpose of holding plants for landscaping! By the time we actually were ready to landscape, several had IMG_3028grown to a shareable size. I had been given some irises from a friend before we moved, and I loved the color. Now having a large plant, I asked my neighbor if he would like some….and yes, he would. The color is quite unique and everyone who sees it would like a start, which I love to do. So, I broke up the plant, taking some of it’s rhizomous root across the street…..the next day, here comes our neighbor, with a WHEELBARROW full of the little blue early bloomer! ‘Would you like some?’ he asks……why yes, yes I would like some…..just not that many! He laughed, told me to take what I wanted and he would give the rest away! So we have this cute little guy, who remains nameless, and has made his home to other yards as well…..I do love the sharing of plants!!!!

I am actually thinking of going neighbor to neighbor with my shovel, and asking what plants they want to share…..wouldn’t that be fun? I can just imagine the stunned looks I would get! Still…….

I often invite friends to come plant shopping in my garden. There are ones that cannot be split or moved, but I will tell them so. Anything else is fair game. I still have a ‘holding’ garden for extras, and when someone wants them, off they go! Of course, some dividing is spring time and some is fall, but I make note of what is wanted and split in the appropriate time.

IMG_3018This cute iris was also a gift, before we moved, from a neighbor. She had a hillside that was covered in irises: some yellow, some white and some in this purple yellow mix. They all bloomed at exactly the same time and it was absolutely gorgeous! This guy always reminds me of her garden….

And then there is the iris Hubby has been keeping for some years now, he had it before we were married….it will IMG_3027open next week… is bright white with a purple beard and is a German Iris….tall, gorgeous. Right now the only color is the bud, which would make one think it is a dark flower, but not so!

This one has been split and shared so many times!!! It actually refused to bloom for us for a few years prior to moving, but since we have relocated it here, it never fails to impress.

In the back garden I have some new irises, just planted last fall…..they are slow and only one has buds, but we need to be patient. They are solid white, and solid yellow. I am looking forward to seeing them for the first time.

IMG_3026Finally, in the front, a unique one I planted 2 years ago, now showing off an enormous bloom. I loved the paleness of it…and immediately split and shared with a friend, so it was slower to bloom last year. I think it is making up for it now!!

There are, of course, other things abloom in the garden, but sometimes we lose the beauty by showing too many, so again, I chose just one type of perennial.  Hopefully you enjoyed them!

IMG_3025              IMG_3029

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