Just an ordinary day in the garden

IMG_3061Sometimes, I feel like that is what my life is…..a day in the garden. No matter the weather, I can be found out there somewhere. My rationale is that we have a LOT of months of snow, and a rather short growing season, so I want to soak in all I can while I can! Is there such a thing as a garden overdose? If there is, don’t tell me…..

We had a rain day yesterday. I cannot say sweet rain, because at times, it came down so hard it looked like a bucket dump! But, not a lot of damage sustained here. The only minor set back was one of my plums, whose branches drooped to almost 90 degrees from the ground, so Hubby dutifully went out and shook them, soaking himself in the process. It did little. This morning, we went to inspect, and I pruned back the branches a bit to take some of the weight off. We also secured some areas where the tree has ‘crotched’, pulling the larger branches in and holding them with good old fashioned pantyhose! I like it, actually, because of the ‘give’ in the material, and yet it is ridiculously strong.

Of course, a little pruning lead to a little inspecting, followed by a little weed pulling, and a little threading vines into trellises, and then a little strawberry IMG_3058 picking! I am amazed at this patch! A bit of a fluke, as the original plants ordered never came, so 2 years ago I went on a mad hunt for strawberries. I found these plants all stuffed into one pot at a greenhouse, and bought it/them. When I got home, I separated and found 12 plants crammed into one, so this became my start. These crazies start producing in June and keep on going until October! I have since separated runners and started a second bed. They grow and produce well. Later today,  I will use them in a rhubarb/strawberry muffin recipe, as I also harvested my rhubarb a day ago and after 2 loaves, one cake, one cobbler and 2 dozen muffins, I still have enough left for another batch of muffins! Love it!

IMG_3060I had to snap a follow up pic of this beautiful iris, who was not yet in flower last post! This is a favorite and gets the royal treatment as it is probably the one who has traveled the most with us! Although it does not spread very quickly, I have been able to share it. I am careful with this process though, because I love this guy, and he tends to be a bit of a temperamental iris! Who knew?

Because of yesterday’s rain, it seemed like a good time to snap a pic or 2 of the IMG_3062yard. The garden boxes are doing well…..very well. The addition of manure has been a good reason to check on them regularly….to pick out the little annual weedlings! Pretty sure I have pulled some of the lettuce and the kohlrabi in the process….The tomatoes love the raised beds and are a bit crazy as usual, but whatever. I reserve a spot for them, and once early veggies are out, they can just take over. I harvest a lot, and am just now using the last of the roasted roma’s, and of the tomato sauce! And I still have lots of salsa…..

IMG_3063The fruit garden seems to be flourishing a bit this year, with the expulsion of the deer family. Although it is not visible in the photos, there is a deer fence 7 feet high, made of a fine black mesh, that works wonders. I can tear it with my fingers, so it is not strong, but the barrier it provides works. I did a LOT of research before we installed this. It is not a permanent costly project, and is easily removed or repaired, and it works! year 2 and I am happy. The deer walk by, have a look, nod to us, and munch away on my compost pile…..I’m fine with that.

Better go…..I hear the garden calling…..Happy Gardening!!

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