Garden care…..

IMG_3077I am planning on taking a short break from the garden…..and from home actually! Although this is not the best time of the year to leave (in my opinion) I think I need a break. My sister lives in the Yukon, where I have not yet been, so today, I will be taking flight to her place. When I am back I will post some photos from that beautiful place.

Meanwhile, I have been preparing the garden, as I am leaving it to a friend who will be watering, and checking it. Of course, I am worried and not… garden is my therapy and peaceful place, despite the work that it takes. But, I also know that if something is not completed or done ‘my’ way, that is okay too. After all, everyone does not have the same love of gardening, so it is what it is!!

We have had rain every day, and at this point, watering is not an issue, except for IMG_3076some of the containers, which are only annual flowers. And my lettuce bowl! I have checked the weather and it will be warmer, but still some showers….I have moved some of the baskets to one location, and will move others as well…..I know where everyone sits, but someone else…..well, they will need to stroll through.

I picked my strawberries yesterday, and they will be ripe again in a couple of days. I actually managed to freeze a few already!! Love this time of year as things become mature and ready to harvest…..I am sure my friend will enjoy the berries as they come, and will bring her grand daughters to pick.

IMG_3078I also took the row cover off of my onions…..this year I have a little experiment going…..I am trying to keep the onion ‘maggots’ out of the garden….I have 2 locations planted. One I have been using wood ash in and around the onion rows, an old trick my mother used. The other, I installed bendy hoops and white row cover, to keep away the little moths that lay the eggs that in turn produce the hungry onion eating worms!! Will keep you posted on what worked better! Any other ideas are welcome!!!

So, until next week, happy gardening.

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