Waiting for snow

Sounds a little nuts….most people are NOT actively waiting for it to snow, but I find myself looking out the window each morning to see if there is any snow on the ground yet! It is still early-ish, but I have an ulterior motive….Besides knowing that my babies in the garden need to have good snow cover to protect them from our winter harshness, I am ready to put on my ice skates and go for a whirl. The problem is, here in my sleepy town, our rink is an outdoor one, and the volunteer fire department floods the rink once temps have dropped below freezing…..BUT they need a base of snow to flood on, so that the water stays within the confines of the rink!

So, any day, I hope to see it snow….for the roots that need protection under the ground, and for the ice rink, so that we can get out and enjoy the joys of winter outdoor activity!

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