Ohme Garden, Wanatchee

Hubby and I did a fall holiday in late September, to Washington, and to British Columbia. It was a test run for our new little car, purchased in August….a convertible for Hubby…his dream car. As it turns out, I am IMG_3441100% in love with it too!! I had only been into Washington on 2 other occasions, and as short day trips , so we were looking forward to this adventure. We stayed at Leavenworth, a little Bavarian themed town in the Cascade mountains, really IMG_3664sweet, albeit only Bavarian in appearance. We enjoyed the AMAZING floral displays there. I am not sure if I have ever seen container IMG_3665plantings quite as lush in a northern growing region.



One of the days, we did a bit of touring around Wanatchee. I had read about Ohme Gardens, and really wanted to see it. We set the GPS and ventured our way there….soooooo worth the time! This garden is not for the flower lover, but it is for those who appreciate the amazing Aviary Photo_130883886932039095landscaping that has gone into this mountain garden. Set up high, the creators originally began moving rocks, plants and soil to create an oasis for themselves, before they built their house…..and over years, they created the most amazing rock gardens. It is worth the visit if you are in that area!








As we strolled through, my being was filled with a calmness and I am certain that my blood pressure dropped as I drank in the serenity IMG_3609of the nature surrounding me. Waterfalls hide in crevices, ponds and rock benches provide the perfect place to stop and just breathe. And, for both of us, this garden was a part of the healing we needed to experience! Aviary Photo_130883886487906765







I love flowers and their beauty, but I think I love the beauty of foliage, rocks, and greenery just as much.IMG_3605


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