It’s awfully hard to ‘spring into action’ when the flu bug smacks you down!….and there is no ‘good’ time to be sick but, come on, just when it is nice enough to not need mittens….oh well…today I felt up to a walk about. Spring is my favorite time for walk abouts in the yard….I always discover something new and wonderful. Hubby is putting his man skills to work and finishing the lower level siding, right by the raised garden beds. I went to see how he was doing and what did I discover?


Bugs!!!!! Lovely little lady bugs…just coming out for a sunning session. I LOVE lady bugs….do you no how many aphids these natural ‘insecticides’ can eat???

Last fall I planted garlic, first attempt at fall planting…I was a bit concerned because the majority of my gardens are raised and naturally get a bit colder then ground soil in our harsh winters. I added leaf mulch to the beds and was pleasantly surprised to see…


Little greens poking out! Yay! Of course, following up with some snooping to find…


Rhubarb and, of course,


Strawberries. This is the sunny south side of our yard and a heat trap but still early and makes me happy!

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Spring into action….

Time to get outside! Amazingly, it is not even April yet but the temperature is warming up….I must remember not to get too hasty though. An icy blast can still hit any time. This year has been remarkably warm though so I will chance setting up the mini greenhouse and get lettuce bowls started today…..