Mood changers

For those who have been following my post for a while, you will know that Hubby and I moved to our current location in central Alberta 6 years ago…..with the move came a new unfinished house (read boat load of work) and a whole lot of dirt! At first it was exciting to think of all the amazing possibilities but that excitement wained a bit as the inside took priority.

Suffice it to say it has been a process but my goal has always been to create outdoor rooms where you WANT to be…calmness from the day and a flow throughout the garden. We have achieved that and more….my friend recently visited from Germany and said “you know you live in paradise”, which, having toured gardens throughout Germany, was a great compliment to receive.

This year saw one of our final garden projects….which simply means a major build/construction project….changes are inevitable. We have small water features throughout but wanted one main water feature we could enjoy in the back AND one that’s child friendly for all the Littles.  We had a lovely berm created for a bit of privacy and we have completed this project. Can I tell you properly how it feels to sit and enjoy the sound of water, or watch a little enjoy it so much, or watch the birds bathing and drinking… is, honestly, a mood calming addition….and we love it!






After…or now!





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