Oh the joy of watching the garden bloom! I particularly love seeing some


of these heritage plants thrive….I admittedly have had some issues related to bugs and, like many of you, am leery of using pesticides. The better choice is to take the time and focus on soil health. While we know that we cannot keep pests out of the garden, using proper plant management will go


a long way in ensuring plant health and thus, resistance to bugs.

I have worked to build compost and add amendments to the soil for tilth and nutrition. I have also tried to ensure air movement around my perennials and not crop things too tightly. In years past, my columbines have grown in spring,  only to be de-foliated by little chompers.  This year, we are enjoying


the good health and consequently, good blooms. I love these ‘old-fashioned ‘ ladies….hope you enjoy them too.

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