Sentimental Gardening

One of the things I like about gardening is the sharing side. Often I tell my friends to come and ‘shop’ in my garden…or come see what you like and I will share. I have an abundance of perennials and love to split and share. Equally I love to receive from others. I have a few things that make me pause as I pass by, and remember the giver. Perhaps my favorite is an old pump, given to Hubby by my brother in law. At the time he still lived on ‘the farm’ and had a nice attachment to Hubby. The gift of an old pump was not a small matter….it was heartfelt and respectful. This is the second garden our pump has graced….sadly, my brother in law has never seen it. He left this earth 10 years ago….he was the biggest male role model influence in my life…having come into it since before I can remember.

These are the gracious gifts we receive and what better place than to live in a peaceful garden!


Lady slipper from my neighbor who has moved away


Iris from my past home neighbor


More iris from a friend whose garden we helped while her husband was ill.


And yet another (geum) from a neighbor!


You get the picture….someday I’ll show more! Happy sharing!

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