Back and Forth

Here’s the deal. Life gets busy. Priorities change. Some of the things that bring us joy can also frustrate us. That’s my story. I love to write. Love it. And yet, it seems that my follow through can get wonky. In the past 2 years, life has thrown a couple of curve balls…the biggest one was an accident that left me with a broken collar bone and severe concussion, causing post concussion syndrome. It took over a year for me to feel like me again, and with that, I had to learn a new way of living…slower, less driving, less stress.. as if that happened!

So once again I pick up my pen to write, and go forward on this journey. The blog will present the garden, some gardening facts, but also my perspective on how gardening gives me the therapy I need, both physically and mentally. I love to garden, that is no surprise, and for me, it is a connection with my past as well as a time to live in the moment. As a farm girl, with a ton of siblings and a mom who was passionate about everything outdoors, the gardens we had provided food, beauty, experimentation and lots of work/pleasure mixed together. We all gardened then and we all garden now, trying odd plants, various growing methods, and sharing our love with whoever will listen!

At this moment, I am waiting for the snow to all melt…long, long winter…so that I can walk through the garden and just be present with it. I love spring smells, old leaves decomposing, dirt thawing in the sun, wood coming back to life….I will enjoy it, and know that this year, our spring will be very short…soon the days will warm up to 20 degrees and higher, and the garden will take a different look. For now, I will enjoy the emergence of spring…just to be. I need that.

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