Rhubarb Juice

What happens every spring? The Rhubarb grows like mad…and I LOVE it. I make rhubarb juice and freeze it to enjoy all winter long! Simple.


Pull the stalks of rhubarb, remove the leaves and a bit of the bottom stem (or leave it if it is clean. Wash, cut into 3 to 4 inch chunks. Put in a pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil, then turn off. Add honey (or maple syrup) vanilla and/or cinnamon. Let stand overnite. In the morning, drain through a sieve. Bottle, or put into freezable containers and ‘voila’. You are done! Yummy

“I hear the birdies Gramma”

Those words still sound in my ears, even though it has been 8 years since our now 11 year old grandson said them! We were still camping in our RV after starting the new house build here in central Alberta, and had brought our then 3 year old grandson with us for a bit of a getaway. He was nestled in his bed, and we in ours, cozy in the spring freshness. It was 4 a.m. The sky was light, and the birds were alive…and so was our little guy! I heard him rustle, thought he was stirring, and then then he is moving the blind so he can see outside…’what are you doing Buddy?’ ‘I hear the birdies Gramma’. Oh boy. ‘That’s nice Buddy, but you should go back to sleep’. ‘But I hear the birdies!!’. Well, that was that! We were up.

This morning I am up a bit early, and what do I hear? The birds. I love the sound and I equally love that memory!

Glorious Rain!

Timing is everything so they say! Garden is planted and today the moisture arrived. A lovely slow rain that is greening up the earth and refreshing the land! One would think that with a low mood, rain would not be a welcome site, but it is really a nice soft rain, the kind that you would love to stand in, if it were just a tad warmer! The temperature dropped significantly last night and all day today, so nope, I am not interested in standing out there.

I did go outside to get to my truck, on my way to a massage therapy appointment. That may account for an uplift in mood as well. Massage is something I invest in for myself, on a very regular basis. I have for years. I know where I carry my stress and I also am not of great stature, so some heavy gardening, and my back is hooped. Regardless, I have a great relationship with my therapist and when I occasionally forget my appointment, she calls me, and squeezes me in. Because I do that…today…not the first time!

I also slept last night for 11 hours! Sleep is the cure for so many things. Part of my life I spent working in mental health and we had a saying: tired mind, strange thoughts. It is true. Not enough sleep affects not only our thoughts, but our whole physical and mental well being. I finally relented the fight and took melatonin and slept! Why do we fight ourselves when we know better?

Now I am looking forward to warm days and to getting to a couple of my favorite nurseries for some tomatoes and peppers to complete the veggie side of the garden. I have a wonderful friend with a wonderful greenhouse that I worked at for 3 seasons, and I usually purchase there. I will again this year, but I also have a friend who is in my community and she just opened a small operation this year, so I will support her too.

T’is the season to be planting.


Finally! Yesterday was a glorious day, warm, sunny, no wind…perfect day to plant the garden boxes. Trouble is, I have been struggling a lot with my health, and just could not make my self get outdoors. I have done a bit of work each day (3 or 4 hours of cleaning out the winter dead stuff) and putzing around. Overall though, I don’t have energy and am going through a cyclical depression. One day I am good, the next day…not so much. For the most part, I am just mad and annoyed that I am so flat! Great. Because that is so helpful for my mood!! I was a social worker in a past life and worked in mental health, so I ‘know’ all the things I should do…trouble is, when you are thrown for a loop, motivation completely goes with it!

On the upside, Hubby is amazing and has supported me the entire way. I have always had a bit of anxiety, but last year I suffered a major concussion when I was flipped in the ocean in Costa Rica, and also broke my collarbone…since then I have had a few more struggles. But, it is a learning curve. I finally went to the Doc, and he is super. Very no nonsense kind of doc, and realizes I need practical advice. I am already doing the holistic stuff…oils, vitamins etc, and using my diffusers…but I have stopped my yoga and he said ‘do yoga everyday’ in his South African accent. ‘And ride your bike’. And he added a medication that will help out. So, it’s a new day…I will follow his rules.

The garden looks so good, all planted! My garlic is growing madly from fall planting, the rhubarb is almost big enough to pick, strawberries have started to grow, although I lost a few to winter kill. Now I have added beans, peas, lettuce, spinach, radish, carrots, broccoli and brussel sprouts! And onions….a whole raised box of onions, complete with the diatomaceous earth to keep the darn onion maggots away! My little greenhouse has the cucs, watermelon (a trial), cucamelon (another trial) and basil. Just need to wait for the frost days to pass and I will get my peppers and tomatoes from a local nursery!  I actually feel a lot better getting that accomplished. It wasn’t easy but ….

It was Hubby that encouraged me to take a look at something he had done outside, that got me out there. I am so grateful for him, and for his patience with me.