Glorious Rain!

Timing is everything so they say! Garden is planted and today the moisture arrived. A lovely slow rain that is greening up the earth and refreshing the land! One would think that with a low mood, rain would not be a welcome site, but it is really a nice soft rain, the kind that you would love to stand in, if it were just a tad warmer! The temperature dropped significantly last night and all day today, so nope, I am not interested in standing out there.

I did go outside to get to my truck, on my way to a massage therapy appointment. That may account for an uplift in mood as well. Massage is something I invest in for myself, on a very regular basis. I have for years. I know where I carry my stress and I also am not of great stature, so some heavy gardening, and my back is hooped. Regardless, I have a great relationship with my therapist and when I occasionally forget my appointment, she calls me, and squeezes me in. Because I do that…today…not the first time!

I also slept last night for 11 hours! Sleep is the cure for so many things. Part of my life I spent working in mental health and we had a saying: tired mind, strange thoughts. It is true. Not enough sleep affects not only our thoughts, but our whole physical and mental well being. I finally relented the fight and took melatonin and slept! Why do we fight ourselves when we know better?

Now I am looking forward to warm days and to getting to a couple of my favorite nurseries for some tomatoes and peppers to complete the veggie side of the garden. I have a wonderful friend with a wonderful greenhouse that I worked at for 3 seasons, and I usually purchase there. I will again this year, but I also have a friend who is in my community and she just opened a small operation this year, so I will support her too.

T’is the season to be planting.

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