“I hear the birdies Gramma”

Those words still sound in my ears, even though it has been 8 years since our now 11 year old grandson said them! We were still camping in our RV after starting the new house build here in central Alberta, and had brought our then 3 year old grandson with us for a bit of a getaway. He was nestled in his bed, and we in ours, cozy in the spring freshness. It was 4 a.m. The sky was light, and the birds were alive…and so was our little guy! I heard him rustle, thought he was stirring, and then then he is moving the blind so he can see outside…’what are you doing Buddy?’ ‘I hear the birdies Gramma’. Oh boy. ‘That’s nice Buddy, but you should go back to sleep’. ‘But I hear the birdies!!’. Well, that was that! We were up.

This morning I am up a bit early, and what do I hear? The birds. I love the sound and I equally love that memory!

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