Cool gardening is an expression about both my love of gardening and the 4 season climate in which we live. With true winter (read snow), temperamental spring, lazy leafy fall, our summers and, thus, our growing seasons, are rather shortened! Nevertheless, I have studied horticulture, owned a landscape company, designed gardens, helped start some community gardens….and all because it simply is cool to garden!

I hope to provide some tips, tricks and fresh ideas to novice and seasoned gardeners alike. If you are like me, there are always interesting (or perhaps strange) new ideas to explore, and gardens are very, very forgiving! Maybe that’s why I love them so much! That, and the fact that I can stay in my comfy garden gear all day!

Gardens provide rest, relaxation, comfort, and so much more. Even those who don’t like the actual work involved in gardening still love to wander through a beautiful setting of nature. I love to share my garden with anyone and eveyone, and my hope is that it will, in that moment, bring a sense of calmness, serenity, and ease to whoever pauses within.

I hope as I share my stories here that you, too, will find a place to pause and enjoy. Happy gardening!

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